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T3 is a modular system that offers unparalleled speed and ease of build. T3 is lightweight and easy to transport. You can reconfigure and reuse it as much as you like. And you can build any T3 solution without using any tools. Add to this its incredible design versatility and ability to incorporate bespoke elements. T3 is the ideal choice for social distancing solutions and just about any other type of display solution. See for yourself. Explore display solutions below.

T3 can be reconfigured to solve any problem.

T3 is both reusable and reconfigurable. Use it time and again for any social distancing solution, exhibition, event, conference, or retail purpose. Reconfigure your T3 framework; rearrange it into an entirely new design if you want – keep the framework, just swap the graphics!


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At Tecna UK, collaboration and innovation are at our core. And, we consistently work with our partners to design, build and deliver displays that surpass their expectations.

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