Showlite Attend Tecna UK’s Discovery Day to Understand T3’s Full Capabilities


Events contractor, Showlite, has been providing essential event services to the industry including electrics, lighting, furniture, flooring, and graphics for 25 years. Being experts in the industry, Showlite were keen to find out more about the T3 modular display system after seeing the growth in its popularity at shows.

Taking the Next Step

It was 3 years ago that they started seeing more T3 builds at the shows they were attending and became keen to find out more.

Roll on to today and Showlite has partnered up with Tecna UK in an exciting development for both brands. Tracey Martin, Head of Showlite’s new venture ‘Evolve’, explains:

“We have a range of Exhibitor Stand Packages which we’ve now expanded to include a T3 range, which can either be hired or purchased”.

The Showlite team have been eager to find out the ins and outs of the T3 product, so they decided to step into Tecna UK’s showroom to deepen their knowledge and understanding of both T3 but also of Tecna UK.

Completely New to T3

Here at Tecna UK, we know how far T3 can be pushed to create the most elaborate of display ideas. Part of a Discovery Day is to enlighten our partners to the many benefits of T3, and to open their imagination to the vast amount that can be achieved with it.

Tracey tells us,

“We had a team of 3 people in attendance, 2 of which were completely new to T3! Our main objective was to gain a better understanding of the product.

“I think a Discovery Day is great for building customers’ knowledge and keeps the product at the forefront of their minds.”

Confidence with the Product

group of people walking round a warehouse

A Discovery Day is a perfect opportunity for our partners to meet the T3 experts at Tecna UK and absorb their knowledge! This was particularly successful with Showlite,

“The Discovery Day gave us a very clear understanding of T3, how versatile it is, how easy it is to use, and the many benefits of it.”

“All our team came away feeling more confident in the product, with a clearer understanding of using the T3 system.”

Informative Discussions and a Tour of the Facility

For most, learning more about the product is one of the key aspects of the Discovery Day, but this wasn’t the only objective at the top of Showlite’s list for the day,

“whilst the day gave us a clear understanding of the product, it was great to learn about the many benefits of partnering with trade-based industry partners.”

“We gained such a clear understanding of the product and our partnership through a series of discussions and a tour of the facility. The creativity of what can be done with T3 is the top reason we began this partnership; the excellent customer service is a close second.”

The Right Decision

Although quite early on in the partnership, Tracey explains that the Discovery Day reassured Showlite that they had made the right decision,

“It was very informative, and we came away very encouraged that the partnership with Tecna UK is the right thing for us.”

Get in touch if you want to find out more about our Discovery Days.

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