Make Design & Print Learn How to Utilise T3 to its Best Abilities on Their Discovery Day

Founded in 2006, Make Design & Print is a small company that provides impressive print services for its clients. In July, Make Design & Print joined Tecna UK for a Discovery Day in our HQ in Farnborough, to establish all the services on offer and learn more about the product, the T3 modular system.

Discovery Day Builds Confidence with the Product

Make Design & Print started working with Tecna UK back in January 2018, and Tecna UK has been supplying them with the T3 kit ever since. And with the whole Make Design & Print team attending their Discovery Day, Tecna UK had a variety of objectives to meet, to ensure Make Design & Print got the most out of the day.

For Lisa McKay, Make Design & Print’s Director, the main objective for the whole team was ensuring they were utilising T3 to its best abilities,

“We wanted inspiration for the best ways we can both use and promote the T3 system.”

Lisa explains that she isn’t usually involved with the building or dismantling of their displays, so attending the Discovery Day allowed her to work with T3 directly,

“For me, I really wanted to improve on my knowledge of the product and how it works, so I can speak to customers more confidently.”

Understanding T3 by Getting Hands-On

Throughout the Discovery Day, we incorporate a range of activities to keep the day exciting and refreshing; planning the day around what the team would like to do. Some of the Make Design & Print team wanted to learn more about Sketchup, so we scheduled in time for them to work on the software with one of our Project Managers, Pete.

For the rest of the team, we thought it be a great idea for them to get T3 building. For Lisa, she only understood the basics of T3, but never had the chance to work with the product directly,

“Attending Tecna UK’s Discovery Day was a great chance to get hands-on and have a little play with the product to understand it better.

“One thing that stood out to me, was learning how to apply the graphics to the framework. It was interesting to see the different substrates we can use, and what works best for the projects we tend to work on.”

Make Design & Print Discovery Day Applying Graphics

Revealing Exciting New T3 Components

The rest of the day included comprehensive learning about T3; factoring in Q & A sessions to ensure the team was learning as much as possible about the modular display system.

We always try and showcase the full range of products that we have. And this means also revealing some of our newest additions, this was something Lisa enjoyed learning about,

“During our Discovery Day, we noticed how quickly T3 is evolving. The Tecna UK team showcased some of the new coloured components that are available soon! It was so exciting to learn about products that are soon to be out in the wider market!”

One of Tecna UK’s promises is to provide a quote and 3D CAD visual in 24 hours, and this is something we try and encourage our partners to aim for when working with their own clients. Lisa explains,

“The Discovery Day provided us with the tools for how we can quickly design, quote and install our own clients’ displays, in a short space of time.”


Discovery Day Make Design & Print Warehouse

Planning Ahead

Following their Discovery Day, we were eager to find out Make Design & Print’s plans with our partnership. Lisa explains,

“We are looking forward to seeing some examples of T3 designs to be able to show our customers what they can achieve with T3.”

We are happy to see the positive outcome of the Discovery Day for Make Design & Print, and hope they take their learning onboard for their own clients. If you want to get yourselves involved in learning more about T3 and what Tecna UK can offer, book yourself in for a Discovery Day. Get in touch if you want to find out more.

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