Konica Minolta Marketing Services Learn the Lengths They Can Go with T3 at Their Discovery Day with Tecna UK

Tecna UK’s partner, Konica Minolta Marketing Services, is an award-winning marketing services agency that caters to clients globally. And this month, KMMS joined the Tecna UK team at our HQ in Farnborough for one of our Discovery Days.  

Before their Discovery Day: Where it all Began 

Our partnership with KMMS first began when they came to the Tecna UK team with a display idea for one of their clients. The display in question was a car-sized cube that people could walk inside!  

KMMS was pleased with the display, and they continued to commend Tecna UK and T3. As their Retail Solutions Technical Designer, Lennard Ewenson, tells us: 

“What impressed us most when we started working with Tecna UK and the T3 system was how easy the T3 system was to build. With its simple, compact framework, constructing our displays and dismantling them again after was quick and simple. To top it off, Tecna UK worked with us to achieve a premium finish on our T3 displays.” 

Since KMMS’ first project with us, we have worked alongside their team on a variety of projects. Everything from exhibition stands, all the way through to 20-metre-long mazes; Tecna UK and KMMS have collaborated on some highly ambitious displays.

Seizing an Opportunity to Explore the Lengths Achievable with Tecna UK and T3 

After working with Tecna UK for over 6 years, KMMS decided a Discovery Day was the next logical step. Naturally, they had already acquired some knowledge of the T3 system. But they wanted to explore it further and learn its full capabilities. That is, they wanted to find out the lengths to which they could go whilst working with Tecna UK and the T3 modular system: 

“We knew we wanted to attend one of Tecna UK’s Discovery Days because they’re all about strengthening partnerships and showcasing the extent of what can be achieved with the T3 modular system. And both these aspects promised to impact us in a positive way.”

Discovering the Endless Possibilities

We were aware of KMMS’ previous knowledge and experience of T3 before they attended. And with that in mind, we tailored their day to fill in any of the gaps. For instance, we showed them how to integrate curves and different angles into their displays. Lennard says: 

“Before attending our Discovery Day, we knew about the T3 system and the basics of it. But, having worked with Tecna UK for years, we were aware that there was so much more we could achieve with T3. And that’s why the Discovery Day was so beneficial. Through this comprehensive, tailored training experience, we were able to realise the endless possibilities that could be accomplished. As well, we were able to ascertain the true extent of the services and support Tecna UK had to offer.”

Applying what they Learned to Offer the Right Solutions to Clients 

More than anything, the Discovery Day gave them the knowledge to offer the right solutions to their clients: 

“We’re always looking for new and innovative solutions to fulfil our clients many and varied requirements, working with Tecna UK has helped us produce display ideas that have thrived with our clientele.

“Tecna UK threw valuable tips and tricks our way. Ones that focused on the types of unique features we could integrate into our designs to enhance our customers’ displays. Thanks to these valuable insights from Tecna UK, we now know how to incorporate more curved geometry into our designs, and how to push the creative boundaries of what we can achieve with T3.”

Getting Adventurous with T3 

KMMS already receive positive feedback from clients whilst using the T3 system. Propelled by this recognition, they are eager to configure more daring designs for their clients moving forward:

We’re now aiming to work on more adventurous designs with Tecna UK. By doing this, we’ll be using T3 to its full potential and strengthening our partnership with the Tecna UK team.”

Discovery Days are just one of the ways we help clients gain a deeper knowledge of the T3 modular system to develop their display ideas. Now they have completed their Discovery Day, we are excited to see how KMMS apply their new-found knowledge of T3 to some new and exciting ideas for their clients.  



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