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Our desk dividers are at the core of our Social Distancing Solutions range. We are offering a selection of acrylic desk dividers, desk partitions, floor standing desk dividers, desk separators, and desk privacy screens. Our desk dividers are useful in environments beyond offices and workplaces, fully customisable to suit your exact requirements.

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Looking For Desk Dividers That Are Quick & Easy To Build?

Building dividers for desks, tables, or workspaces is quick and easy with Tecna UK. Our desk dividers have components that twist and lock into place, helping to secure your area in no time. We can also build and install your solution straight to site. Available in standard sizes, we can also customise your divider to the exact size, branding, and fixings you require.

“Very professional service and a rapid response.”

D. Hewitt, UK Police

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Why Choose Tecna UK For Your Desk Dividers?

  • Trusted UK manufacturer – built in the UK, delivered worldwide.
  • Site survey & free consultations – not sure where to start? Our team can do a full site survey and offer the best advice for your desk solutions.
  • Quick & easy install – no tools are required when installing your desk dividers, alternatively, have us do it for you.
  • Premium finish using high quality materials – all our desk divider products are fully researched and designed to have a premium, quality finish.
  • Full turnkey support – our team of experts are here from start to finish, supporting from initial design down to desk dividers installation.
  • Standard or bespoke – whilst our range comes in a range of standard sizing and branding, make sure to check out our customisable options: personalised branding & graphics, T3 deco colour beams, printed vinyl or stickers, clear or frosted acrylic infills, & lots more options.
  • Reconfigurable & reusable products – our premium solutions can be reused time and time again, and can be reconfigured for other purposes.
  • Easy to pack down when not in use – no longer need your desk divider? Just pack it down, ready for re-use whenever you’re ready.
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Where You Can Use Desk Dividers

Offices & Workplaces

Separate desks and workstations with ease, with our desk dividers, floor standing dividers and acrylic desk dividers. Our products can help you to create a safe and secure working environment for your staff, allowing you to implement social distancing measures, without compromising productivity.

Get in touch with us to discuss your workplace solutions.

cafe-using-desk-dividers-to-separate-customers cafe-using-desk-dividers-to-separate-customers

Cafes, Pubs & Restaurants

Take your traditional desk dividers beyond the workplace, and integrate into cafes, restaurants and pubs to split up tables, bar areas and stools. Our products work perfectly to maximise your space to its full capacity.

Get in touch for your dining solutions.

Retail Environments

For checkouts or till areas, use our counter-top desk dividers to reduce the risk during face-to-face contact. A quick and easy solution to implement social distancing measures into your shops and supermarkets.

Get in touch for your retail environment solutions.

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retail-space-using-desk-dividers-around-till-areas retail-space-using-desk-dividers-around-till-areas

Hospitality & Leisure

For hotels, salons, hairdressers, and spas, use desk dividers for reception areas, check-in desks, and general dining areas. Keep both guests, customers and employees safe all with a twist and lock.

Get in touch for your hospitality & leisure solutions.

Desk Dividers Gallery

See our gallery of desk dividers, acrylic dividers, floor standing dividers, and more.


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Visit Our Shop For The Full Desk Divider Range

Find our desk divider range on the Tecna UK shop. Opt for our standard sizing or branding, or request a quote for all your customised requirements.



Are the desk dividers easy to assemble?

No tools are required to build our desk dividers, alternatively we can build and install your desk dividers for you.

How quickly can I get my desk dividers?

For our standard desk dividers and desk separators, we can offer delivery within 5-10 working days, subject to stock levels. However, depending on product, order volume, and location of install (if applicable), delivery may take longer.

What size are your desk dividers?

Our standard desk divider sizes are 0.8m wide, 1m wide, and 1.2m wide. However, we can also customise your desk dividers to any size that fits your requirements.

What style desk dividers are available?

We have a range of different styles available for our desk dividers. Ranging from acrylic desktop, T3 desktop, and floor standing dividers. All available to customise, with the option of either clear or frosted acrylic.

How do I make sure the desk dividers will fit in my chosen environment?

To ensure the desk dividers will fit in your chosen environment, we do request dimensional information upon order. Alternatively, we offer full site surveys to identify any complications, give expert advice, and accurately measure your space. Get in touch to find out about our site surveys.

What materials do you use for the desk dividers?

The materials we use for our desk dividers are a combination of sturdy aluminium framework, teamed with either premium acrylic, strong Foamboard, or our hard-wearing ACM (aluminium composite material). All designed to have maximum durability and easy-cleaning properties.

To have a browse at our available range of social distancing solutions, why not take a look at our shop? It’s full of T3 components and our new product range including desk dividers, desk partitions, protection screens, modular walling, and much more! Take a look…


“Very professional service and a rapid response.”

D. Hewitt, UK Police

“I would thoroughly recommend Tecna UK as a company that will go above and beyond to provide a quality product.”

Sarah Howland, Stone Quarry Crew

“Our partnership with Tecna UK has allowed us to push the boundaries and they have always fulfilled our requirements.”

Richard Harvey, Bondeye

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