T3 in Action: Sato UK

Tecna UK works with Sato UK to reconstruct their T3 exhibition stand for the workplace. 

freestanding exhibition display stand

A Build that's Easy to Construct

SATO UK is a leading Auto-ID solutions company, providing radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions world-wide. And this global giant recently turned to Tecna UK to reconfigure their T3 exhibition stand into a display feature for their workplace.

SATO UK’s journey with Tecna UK began when they invested in their first ever T3 display for an upcoming event – the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE). And that’s when they found out about Tecna UK, a discovery that occurred through word of mouth.

“We needed an exhibition stand that was easy to construct. Having received excellent feedback on Tecna UK from one of our other clients, we didn’t feel we needed to look anywhere else – we just went straight to Tecna UK.” says SATO’s Natalie Cullen.

“The stand was excellent quality and good value for money.”

The display created for SATO UK was for a space-only exhibiting area with tension fabric graphics. It factored in lots of interesting T3 features, including a 7m-long back wall with a protruding centre to make the brand name pop. The stand also contained some T3 podiums, a T3 reception counter, and a seating area for visitors. And it seemed to go down a treat.

From Expo to Office: Moving the T3 System into the Workplace

After their T3 display had fulfilled its purpose at the expo, SATO UK decided that they didn’t want to just pack it away and keep it in storage. 

“We felt that simply keeping the framework stored away in boxes was not making use of its full potential. We saw this purchase as an investment and wanted to show off its capabilities as much as we could.”  

Instead they wanted to reuse it. SATO UK opted to move their display into their training room where they hoped it would transform the space into a more welcoming and professional environment. 

“We had just opened our brand-new factory, and wanted to utilise the T3 system to create a great looking space where customers and business partners alike could visit.”

Once their display’s home had been agreed upon, the SATO UK team realised that it would need to be adapted to suit the new environment. After all, their original construction was only 7m long compared to the 17m of the training room wall. So, SATO UK called upon the Tecna UK team to reconstruct their stand so that it spanned the entirety of the wall.

Reconfiguring the Exhibition Stand to Suit its New Home

After a quick phone call to our team, we travelled to their office in Harwich. Here, we analysed the space ready for the new display, and got back to them with the redesign in no time at all.

“The team that came down to our office really worked their magic. After some measuring and sketching, they went away and the very next day sent over a 3D drawing of how the finished T3 system should look, along with a detailed quote – we were very impressed!”  

The reimagined design added onto the framework SATO UK already had available, incorporating as few new components as possible to control their budget.

Blown Away by Tecna UK

 Whilst SATO UK loved their reconfigured training room display, what they enjoyed most notably was their experience working with Tecna UK. 

“The team was so friendly and helpful and any questions or queries were dealt with very quickly and professionally.”  

But that’s not all.

Tecna UK’s ability to turn a simple sketch into a detailed 3D drawing in less than a day blew us away. The fact that it all started out with a simple, very rough sketch of how we wanted our stand at RBTE 2018 to look, and ended up creating a fabulous showroom which can be used all year round, is beyond amazing.”  

Reimagine and reconfigure to fulfil a multitude of purposes

The Tecna UK team is dedicated to ensuring that our partners get the most out of us, and that we continually exceed their expectations. And the SATO project is a classic example of how we can reimagine and reconfigure any display to fulfil a multitude of purposes. A huge thanks to SATO UK – we’re happy we could help.   

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“This was our first ever project. But we had big ideas. And with a third party involved, our ideas were getting lost in translation. So, we started working with Tecna UK directy. The results were instant: the process was easier and the delivery of service was much quicker.”

Paul Bromley, Kurio Compression

“There is nothing better than T3. I can get a 4x4m stand into the back of a car and send the lads off to install.” 

Jon Sherwood, Cipher Graphics

“The support we have from the team at Tecna UK, is second to none. And T3 is the perfect solution for Exhibit Interactive and our clients”

Joe Ashton, Exhibit Interactive

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