T3 in Action: Redblu Graphics

Display stand rental offered in Scotland to beat out competition.

Many of Tecna UK’s partners buy T3 modular display stock and use this to hire out to their clients. The advantage they gain is the ability to provide incredibly speedy delivery times. As well as the freedom to be flexible on price. All the while still guaranteeing themselves decent profit margins.  

One of our partners in Scotland has been offering display stand rental to achieve exactly that. 

Display Stand Hiring Service Helps Scotland's Redblu Win Project

Amongst our partners that have used a display stand rental service to their advantage is Redblu Graphics. Just one example being their display stand project for medical technology giant, Medtronic.

When Medtronic contacted Redblu Graphics’ David Stewart with a potentially disastrous display situation, Redblu Graphics quickly responded with the inviting promise of a rapid turnaround. One that edged out the competition by a mile. 

Redblu Graphics and Displays

Founded in 2008, Redblu Graphics is a leading design, print and signage company. And they’re also a partner of Tecna UK. Whilst working with Tecna UK, Redblu Graphics has amassed an impressive T3 stock. 

And Redblu Graphics utilised this stock, together with our in-house design and print capabilities to their advantage. That is, by offering a competitive turnaround time to Medtronic. And consequently winning the design project. 

Client in Need of a Speedy Display Turns to Redblu Graphics

Medtronic planned to exhibit at 2017’s BGCS conference at the TIC in Glasgow when their display provider fell through at the last minute. That’s when they turned to Redblu Graphics. Indeed, Medtronic needed a new display in under a week if they were going to be ready in time for the conference, and Redblu’s T3 rental service made this totally achievable.  

In no time at all, Redblu Graphics designed, produced and installed a custom display well within time, leaving Medtronic delighted.  

“Medtronic couldn’t believe how rapidly we managed to get their new display sorted out for them. We even supplied them with a brand-new set of graphics. Working with Tecna UK and accumulating an extensive collection of T3 components has made speedy delivery times possible.”

says Redblu director, David Stewart.

The Display Projects Keep Rolling In

Medtronic was so pleased with the quality of the stand and the quick turnaround time that they have since added Redblu Graphics to their preferred supplier list. And they have used them for a number of subsequent display projects.  

“That’s one of the great things that has come out of partnering with Tecna UK”, continues David. “We can rent and deliver T3 to our clients within seemingly impossible time constraints and gain advantage over our competitors. The best part is, even though they get their T3 displays quickly, because of the unique reconfigurability of T3 they can still be designed and configured into a tailored display that meets their specific display vision.” 

It's All the Better Working with Tecna UK - They've Got it Sorted

“The T3 modular display system is great, but it wouldn’t have been as good if it weren’t for Tecna UK. Their service is impeccable, and they are with us all the way, helping us out with all facets of the display journey: logistics, marketing, sales, design support and training.  Recently, they tailor-made a Discovery Day for us where they gave us training to ensure we were best placed to maximise sales and enhance the way we work with T3.”  

Above all, we are super excited to work with our partners at Redblu. And we look forward to continuing to grow the partnership, working together to deliver fantastic, customised, cost-effective display solutions for our customers.

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“We loved our Discovery Day. The service provided by Tecna UK was flawless. We were warmly welcomed by our hosts. Everyone was really friendly and attentive throughout the training. And they took special care to make sure that everyone was up to speed. Plus, the spread Tecna UK put out for us was delicious. Definitely an added bonus – lovely!”  

Jenna May Taylor, SD Displays

“Tecna UK’s ability to turn a simple sketch into a detailed 3D drawing in less than a day, blew us away. The fact that it all started out with a simple, very rough sketch of how we wanted our stand to look and ended up creating a fabulous showroom which can be used all year round, is beyond amazing.”

Natalie Cullen, SATO

“We really couldn’t have achieved what we did, without Tecna UK.”

Stuart Churchill, Springboard

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