T3 in Action: Grapefruit Graphics

Grapefruit Graphics has been working with Tecna UK for the past few years and has advanced both with us and their own clients in supply of modular displays. After experimenting with different T3 components, and reusing their own T3 displays, it is evident Grapefruit Graphics has a keen understanding of the benefits of using the T3 modular display solution.

The Client

Grapefruit Graphics (branding solutions) was established back in 2003, and since, has expanded their services into two more divisions, Grapefruit Creative (a creative design agency), and Grapefruit Coatings (providing marine coatings).

Tecna UK Offering Flexible Services

Grapefruit Graphic’s partnering with Tecna UK started around 5 years ago, with their first display being a simple but effective u-shaped formation, with curved wall ends. Since then, Grapefruit Graphics, after accumulating enough T3 kit, has been providing T3 display solutions to their clients, particularly within marine sectors.

Speaking to Grapefruit’s Creative Director, Matt Taylor, he tells us,

“Tecna UK has been an ideal partner, supplying us with what we need and what our clients want.”

He continues,

“We’ve been building our T3 kit over the years, to then rent it out to our clients. However, Tecna UK has always given us the flexibility to provide displays for our clients out of their own rental stock, when we don’t have the kit needed.”

Integrating Bespoke Elements to the T3 System

For one project, Grapefruit Graphics were approached by one of their clients, with a customer that was planning a big launch at a boat show. The customer wanted a unique stand, in comparison to the white, clean-cut, and pristine look of other displays at the show.

The decision was made to use wood as a prominent substrate across the display. Matt explains,

“the client wanted to experiment and explore different materials and textures. By using wood, their design would stand out from the other displays and create a warmer ambiance.”

The large 8m x 8m stand, incorporated beautifully clad white graphics, combined with interesting use of timber battens to complete the display’s bespoke impression. The stand perfectly illustrated how to incorporate additional elements into the T3 system to create an imposing aesthetic.

“The meeting area was covered with timber battens for the ceiling, draped with fabric to enclose the area. Combined with the wooden imprint on the fabric walls; the atmosphere was like a shack.”

One element of the design that stood out to Matt was the internal meeting area. Matt describes the design,

“the meeting area was covered with timber battens for the ceiling, draped with fabric to enclose the area. Combined with the wooden imprint on the fabric walls; the atmosphere was like a shack.”

The client currently rents the T3 system from Grapefruit Graphics, but Matt tells us,

“The reusability of the T3 system was what attracted the customer. They’re currently renting, but going forward, I think they’re considering purchasing, as they want to use the display again in future launches at shows.

With this display, we really wanted to challenge the Tecna UK team to try something new and unique. The team reconfigured the design a few times to really fulfil our client’s requirements both with design and pricing.”

The T3 System as an Ideal Solution

Not only do Grapefruit Graphics use T3 for their clients, but on numerous occasions, have used the T3 kit for their own displays. Matt explains why T3 is the ideal solution for Grapefruit Graphics,

“The reusability of the T3 system was a real benefit for us. Especially as we can use our fabric panels again and again too.

It is also so easy to transport. We’ve purchased some flight cases and we hire vans or pick it up ourselves to go to the location. The modularity of the system means we don’t have to pay a fortune for shipping. It just makes the process so much easier.” For a company that use their display at various boat shows, such as Exhibitors Sea Works and Southampton Boat show, the ease and speed of build makes the T3 system a really beneficial and ideal solution.

Exploring Different T3 Integrations

Since their first display, Grapefruit Graphics has started to incorporate different elements and are exploring the lengths they can go to with T3, Matt says,

“We’ve started using wooden T3 doors rather than the framework ones, we find they work better for what we want as they’re sturdy and substantial.”

For Grapefruit Graphics in particular, the great thing about the T3 system is that you integrate a variety of different components into the system itself,

“T3 is the best solution for Grapefruit Graphics as we can change and tweak different components to work for us. For example, we realised we can use hanging brackets for our TVs instead of plywood planks, quicker and simpler!”

As a long-term client, we were keen to find out what Grapefruit Graphic’s next steps were with Tecna UK,

“we use Tecna UK as a constant service. So, when dealing with a client, we always try and drive the benefits of T3, so that they invest in the modular display system with us.”

Matt continues to say,

“Our experience with Tecna UK has been great, the team have been so helpful and are always so quick in getting back to us.

Because of Tecna UK’s 24-hour turnaround, we can get a design and price to our customers in only a few days, it is such an easy process.”

We’re eager to see how Grapefruit Graphics continue to experiment and push the boundaries of T3 with their clients, as well as with their own displays. It has been great to see how they’ve grown so far, and we’re looking forward to continuing this exciting partnership in the future.

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“The original booth we had, using the T3 system, was great. But with our expansion into the retail market, we wanted more. I spoke to the team at Tecna UK for some help and asked them to tailor the design to match our new requirements. We needed something that would help us target a retail audiesnce and propel our expansion into the retail market.”

Paul Bromley, Kurio Compression

“Tecna UK threw valuable tips and tricks our way. Ones that focussed on the types of unique features we could integrate into our designs to enhance our customers’ displays. Thanks to these valuable insights from Tecna UK, we now know how to incorporate more curved geometry into our designs, and how to push the creative boundaries of what we can achieve with T3.”

Lennard Ewenson, Konica Minolta

“There is a real trend towards one-day events, sector specific, with conference attached. T3 is brilliant for that – install in one-hour”

Joe Ashton, Exhibit Interactive

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