T3 in Action: Exhibit Interactive

How T3 helps Exhibit Interactive deliver cost-effective interactive solutions to their clients.

The Situation

Meet Joe Ashton, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Exhibit Interactive.  Tecna UK has been working with Joe and the team at Exhibit Interactive since April 2016. 

After many years working for an exhibition stand contractor, Joe founded his new business Exhibit Interactive along with Matt Young back in 2011.  The focus of their business is to facilitate interactions between people and brands, and their expertise lies in creating interactive spaces and using the latest digital technology. 

Discovering T3

Joe’s discovery of T3 came about through a chance sighting.  Picture the scene, Joe was working with his previous employer building a stand at the Sign & Digital show at the NEC when they looked over to see the Tecna UK installation team quickly and easily building their stand with the T3 modular display system.  No tools in sight and looking easy, Joe struck up a conversation with Jon Wicks (Tecna UK Operations Manager). Jon demonstrated the T3 system to Joe and showed how the system simply twists and locks together.   

Overcoming Misconceptions

Naturally, from a custom build background Joe found he had several misconceptions about “modular” systems in general.  The biggest one related to the finished look of modular stands.  His expectation was that beams/profiles would be visible in displays.  But he soon discovered that with the T3 modular display system, profiles are easily clad and hidden away with your substrate of choice – foamex, rollable PVCtension fabrics and acrylic to name a few. 

Likewise, in comparison to other modular systems, the “twist and lock” feature of T3 means that Joe didn’t need skilled carpenters or painters, and displays could be built with relatively little stand build expertise. 

“There is a real trend towards one-day events, sector specific, with conference attached.  T3 is brilliant for that – install in one-hour” 

Joe Ashton

The Benefits to Exhibit Interactive’s Clients

Joe’s previous employer was only interested in bulky timber based stand builds and so decided that his new company Exhibit Interactive would focus on T3. From Exhibit Interactive’s perspective, their clients benefit in multiple ways.  First, their displays can be used time and time again, due to T3 being a modular system.  Exhibit Interactive has numerous clients who have used their displays on multiple occasions delivering cost savings over the months and years. 

Secondly, by using T3 which is more cost-effective, their clients are then able to invest more in their technology and the interactive features – the key reason they’ve turned to Exhibit Interactive in the first place! 

How T3 Helps the Exhibit Interactive Business

Using the T3 modular display system and working with the Tecna UK team allows Joe and the Exhibit Interactive team to focus on their core competency which is delivering interactive experiences between people and brands.  The team isn’t distracted by needing to create custom stands, and can focus their creative energy on delivering great interactive experiences with technology like interactive screens, VR and AR. 

“The support we have from the team at Tecna UK is second to none.  And T3 is the perfect solution for Exhibit Interactive and our clients” – Joe Ashton. 

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“The Tecna UK team came down to our office. After some measuring and sketching, they went away and the very next day sent over a 3D drawing of how the finished T3 system should look, along with a detailed quote – we were very impressed!”

Natalie Cullen, SATO

“T3 is a great alternative to wood. At the end of an exhibition, we don’t bin the stand. It is reusable and reconfigurable enabling us to utilise the same frame components for multiple clients. Thus, both Cipher and our clients benefit from ongoing cost savings.” 

Jon Sherwood, Cipher Graphics

“The support we have from the team at Tecna UK is second to none. And T3 is the perfect solution for Exhibit Interactive and our clients”

Joe Ashton, Exhibit Interactive

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