T3 in Action: Certara

Working with Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system has given Certara the stress-free partnership that they love! 

The Client

Certara is the global leading provider of efficient drug development. A multi-discipline team of around 850 people, Certara has key accounts and experts to continuously make a difference and improvement within the drug industry. Speaking to Certara’s Business Development & Office Manager, Sally Kotar, she explains how working with Tecna UK and T3 has taken the stress off their conferences.

Flexibility with Reconfiguration

Certara has been partners with Tecna UK for over 3 years, and currently have a T3 kit that has been used, reused, and reconfigured to fulfil different event requirements. Sally explains,

“our original T3 configuration was 10 booths, but due to a change in conference venues, we were able to easily adapt to a 6-booth configuration. It works best for what we need.”

Being flexible with T3 is one of the benefits that really stands out for Sally,

“T3 is so easily adaptable; we chose to drop down to 6 booths but there is nothing stopping us expanding if we wish. This booth gives us such a great presence at our events.”

A Display Ready to Go

The impressive gantry that Certara uses has not just stuck to one location. With T3, you can dismantle and break down your kit compactly into flight cases, making it easy to move the kit around. Moving from places like Baltimore, Barcelona and Copenhagen, there is just no stopping Certara creating impact at all their events.

For Sally, the level of service delivered by Tecna UK is just one of the positive experiences she’s had within the partnership,

“there are never any surprises when working with Tecna UK and T3, everything is completely under control. We made a quick design change prior to our last conference, and with Tecna UK’s prebuild service, we were able to iron out any kinks that may have occurred at the venue!”

Before working with Tecna UK and T3, Sally explains that the team at Certara would assemble their own booth, but now they don’t need to worry.

“The Tecna UK team make it so easy for us, we show up at the venue and they’re already there with the booth ready to go.”

“Our presence at conferences is so essential so it is important for our brand to be front and centre.”

Bridging the Gap

The design created has had great feedback from attendees. Sally tells us the meaning behind their structure’s design,

“the design of this booth was created specifically to show branding for two of our business units, Certara Evidence & Access and BaseCase. Our structure is symbolic of a bridge, with Certara bridging the two together.”

“Our presence at conferences and how we portray our message to clients is very important to us, so we need our brand to be front and centre. The kit was a significant investment but was worth it for the representation of our brand and the story we want to tell.”


Tecna UK Providing Stress Free Services

Whilst a lot of our partners love how easy it is to build and dismantle with T3, for Sally, Tecna UK’s services are what makes this partnership so beneficial:

“working with Tecna UK has been so easy. They have great customer service and they’re professional and courteous with everything they do.”

Our dedicated Install team are happy to go to site to build and dismantle displays for our clients, and this is just one step in the process that makes it so stress-free for Certara,

“the team turn up and build the display so quickly – they really know the booth inside and out!”

“For us, Tecna UK’s services cut down the time and effort needed by us to build such a large structure at our conferences. The team plan and know exactly what needs to be done for it to work and at a competitive price!”

The Events are Lining Up…

Going forward, Sally tells us Certara is going to continue using the same T3 kit and same services provided by Tecna UK.

“We have two conferences lined up in 2020, ISPOR in Orlando and IPSOR Milan in November using the same gantry!”

The impression Certara is creating at their conference events is truly outstanding. And we can’t wait to see how our partnership develops over time.


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