T3 in Action: Bondeye

Bondeye has been using the T3 modular display system to make the process of events and tradeshows both easier and smoother, whilst keeping the cost down! Speaking to Bondeye’s Operations Director, Richard Harvey, he explains how working with Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system has pushed their ambitions and transformed their display ideas.

The Client

Optical wholesaler dealer, Bondeye, is a one-stop optical solution, selling products to opticians; including glasses, merchandise and other optical equipment.

Going Modular

Originally, Bondeye was investing in custom builds for their displays, but chose to think of alternatives that weren’t as expensive. This is when they discovered modular display systems, specifically T3 and Tecna UK.

After two years of working with Tecna UK and T3, Bondeye is now doing a variety of events across the year, reconfiguring their display differently for each show.

Richard tells us,

“The T3 modular display system is great if we want to reuse our displays, as we can just use the same kit. We might change up our design and sometimes use new artwork to make the display unique!”

Due to T3’s reconfigurability and ease of transport, Bondeye is now exhibiting at around 40 events each year, changing their display design frequently to keep it new and exciting.

Configuring New Designs with a Flexible System

Bondeye has a great knowledge of the T3 system, demonstrated in their experimenting with different integrations and components, to effectively promote their products and keep their customers engaged.

Richard says,

“We configure new ideas and designs all the time. Larger exhibitions, smaller events, the T3 system is an easy, portable and compact system which makes projects so flexible.”

Working with Tecna UK and T3 has allowed for a stress-free and reliable service and product,

“The transition is a lot easier now that we’re working with Tecna UK and T3. When we were exhibiting with custom builds, we used to hire the displays. After moving to the T3 system, we own a lot of the kit and its availability means it is less stressful if we need any extra kit sorted or delivered.”

“We have configured both small features, such as counters and back walls, but also large features, like 6-metre lightboxes onto our displays.”

Testing the Design Potential of T3

At Tecna UK, we always try and encourage our partners to really challenge us with ideas for their displays. Richard explains the versatility of the T3 system has really pushed Bondeye to be ambitious with their configurations, whilst also testing the design potential of integrating an extensive range of components into the system.

Richard continues,

“At first, we were worried that the modular system wouldn’t be able to create a bar for our display. But to our surprise, we could use curved T3 beams to create the exact look and functional purpose required. And what’s more, we can reuse these beams for a bar for the next few years.”

Richard explains that their designs haven’t incorporated the same features every time,

“we have configured both small features, such as counters and back walls, but also large features, like 6-metre lightboxes onto our displays.”

A Future with the T3 System

Bondeye’s partnership with Tecna UK doesn’t stop here though! Richard tells us they’ve got great events coming up,

“We’ve got a few smaller events over the next year integrating a range of features, including counters and back walls. But towards the end of the year, we’re looking at larger events.”

“With T3’s reconfigurability, we can work with a budget and have more of a control on our spending. The whole system has completely exceeded our expectations.”

Working with T3 hasn’t been the only benefit for Bondeye, Richard explains,

“Our partnership with Tecna UK has allowed us to push the boundaries and they have always fulfilled our requirements.”

We’re excited to see how Bondeye continue to utilise their displays and push design ambitions with Tecna UK and T3!

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“The original booth we had, using the T3 system, was great. But with our expansion into the retail market, we wanted more. I spoke to the team at Tecna UK for some help and asked them to tailor the design to match our new requirements. We needed something that would help us target a retail audiesnce and propel our expansion into the retail market.”

Paul Bromley, Kurio Compression

“Tecna UK threw valuable tips and tricks our way. Ones that focussed on the types of unique features we could integrate into our designs to enhance our customers’ displays. Thanks to these valuable insights from Tecna UK, we now know how to incorporate more curved geometry into our designs, and how to push the creative boundaries of what we can achieve with T3.”

Lennard Ewenson, Konica Minolta

“There is a real trend towards one-day events, sector specific, with conference attached. T3 is brilliant for that – install in one-hour”

Joe Ashton, Exhibit Interactive

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