T3 in Action: Audatex

Adapting T3 exhibition stands in an instance.

Tecna UK is renowned for its adaptable exhibition stands. We can reconfigure and reconstruct the T3 modular display system in an instant, for immediate results. And this is the perfect solution for partners in need of an instant new display. 

Many of Tecna UK’s partners come from the fast-paced exhibitions industry. As a result, we have become well-accustomed to last-minute curve balls being thrown our way.  

That’s why, when an unexpected obstruction compromised our partner Audatex’s exhibition stand, we were quick to adapt. In no time at all, we recreated their display to avert the problem away.  

The Client

Audatex is a leading provider of software and services for the insurance claims processing industry. They have collaborated with Tecna UK to create a number of T3 displays. The one in question was an exhibition stand for this year’s Auto Trade Expo taking place in Dublin.  

Adapting our Client's T3 Display - And Fast!

Everything was running as usual to begin with. The Tecna UK installation team showed up ready to get to work, T3 kit in hand. But upon arrival, the team realised that there was an unanticipated column inside the venue. Unfortunately, the column was situated within Audatex’s exhibiting space. And it would obstruct the back wall designed by the team.  

As soon as the installation team spotted the potential issue, they called up Tecna UK’s Senior Design Consultant, Stuart Fawcett. He then attempted to call the client, but to no avail. They were on a flight and had no access to their phone.  

It was time to adapt – and fast.

3D Design in Real Time

Unable to contact the client, Stuart jumped on the case. He used SketchUp to recreate the original 3D design to work around and adapt to the column. He designed a few different alternatives to end up with three finalists. Stuart created them in such a way that the installers could rework and reconfigure the stand already on site. Without requiring any extra framework or graphics.     

In no time at all, the design team chose the best of the new 3D designs and sent it over to the install team. They then reconfigured the stand to work around the obstruction. Through a collaborative effort, Tecna UK redesigned and rebuilt the display stand, all before the client landed in Dublin. On finding out about how their display had been altered and the problem averted, the client was impressed with Stuart. They especially appreciated his ability to think on his feet and work fast. They were equally thrilled with the final product. 

Dismantle and Install: From Derby to Dublin

But the adaptation of the exhibition stand wasn’t the only time when the client needed speed. Two days prior to the Dublin show, Audatex had been exhibiting at the Fix Auto national conference in Burton upon Trent, a short way from Derby. 

And for the show, Audatex had used the same display. With such a short time frame between the shows in Burton and Derby, the Tecna UK install team had to work quickly, dismantling, delivering, and reinstalling the display. 

Reconfiguring their Framework for Ease of Build

When Audatex require a smaller display, they simply reconfigure the original framework and downsize the design so that they can take it on the road for one person to install alone – another brilliant example of how our partners can adapt T3 satisfy their range of different requirements.  

We love working with our partner Audatex and thrive on a good challenge, and what a way this was to put our team to the test. If you’re in need of an adaptable display for your next expo or event, get in contact – we’ll be sure to sort it out fast.  

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“What impressed us most when we started working with Tecna UK and the T3 system was how easy the T3 system was to build. With its simple, compact framework, constructing our displays and dismantling them again after was quick and simple. To top it off, Tecna UK worked with us to achieve a premium finish on our T3 displays.”

Lennard Ewenson, Retail Solutions

“We were in the market for photobooths. Eventually, we started sourcing them from a supplier who offered up something quite unique: a modular solution. It was the T3 system, supplied by Tecna UK.”

Paul Bromley, Kurio Compression

“Working with the team has been great. Whenever we have needed anything, they can provide it to us and in a quick turnaround.”

Jake Walden, The Total Event Company

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