T3 in Action: Advance Digital Graphics

Advance Digital Graphics Enhance their Display
Creativity with Tecna UK and T3

The Client

As partners grow with Tecna UK, so do their displays. One of our partners, Advance Digital Graphics, has gone from simple to ambitious, creating some truly amazing displays. Being partners since 2012, we are thrilled to see how Advance Digital Graphics are progressing with the T3 modular system.   

Founded in 1997, leading graphics printing company, Advance Digital Graphics, produce printable graphics for display systems across the UK.


Dan Harman, Managing Director, Advance Digital Graphics

Aiming for Ambitious Displays

Before partnering with Tecna UK, Advance Digital Graphics was producing simple, portable and pop-up stands for its clients. But that quickly changed when they realised there was an increasing demand for more ambitious displays.

As Managing Director, Dan Harman, says:

“At the time, our clients had rapidly growing aspirations. We wanted to offer something that was more flexible, reusable and could incorporate interesting elements into a stand space. Our clients wanted the look and feel of bespoke stands, without the high costs and limitations involved in a one-off design.”

Eager to grow the company, Advance Digital Graphics decided to look for other options. After spotting Tecna UK at a Sign and Digital UK expo one year, Dan wanted to get involved and work with Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system. A decision that was, in part, sparked by Dan’s interest in the simplicity of the modular system:

“The toolless T3 system from Tecna UK was so much easier to work with than the bulkier solutions we were looking at.”

Working with Tecna UK, the Advance Digital team has moved on from simple pop-ups and backdrops, to producing really creative and imaginative display designs with the T3 modular system.

“The training Tecna UK offered us was an unmissable opportunity. Thanks to their help, we can now produce our own drawings and renders for our clients.” 

Providing a Speedy Service

After recognising our incredible 24-hour turnaround speed, Dan wanted to give his customers a similar service. To help Dan achieve this, Tecna UK’s Managing Director, Simeon Wicks, invited the Advance Digital Graphics team into our Farnborough HQ for some SketchUp training.

“The training Tecna UK offered us was an unmissable opportunity. Thanks to their help, we can now produce our own drawings and renders for our clients.”

“At Advance Digital, our company is all about quality of service. Inspired by Tecna UK’s speedy 24-hour turnaround time and having taken on board the training we received from their team, we can now go from concept to a full render drawing in just 48 hours for our clients.”

Dan continues:

“Tecna UK’s offer to train us is just one example of how their team goes the extra mile to make things happen for their partners. And thanks to this invaluable training, we at Advance Digital Graphics now have much more freedom and creativity when it comes to our design.”

A Modular Display System with a Custom Finish

There are no limits to our partners’ creativity when working with Tecna UK and T3. Dan says:

“Because of our partnership with Tecna UK, we’re now incorporating more design features into our stands, such as counter tops, new angles and shelving.”

Moreover, Dan is impressed with the way the T3 modular system can be configured into a display system that looks and feels custom. Discussing one of Advance Digital’s recent display stand projects, Dan explains:

“People were shocked when we told them our stand was created using T3. With its polished finish and interesting integration of curves, people instantly assumed it was a custom build”.

Putting Creativity to the Test

For one of their clients, Advance Digital Graphics faced the challenge of creating a small stand with a big impact. The client in question, Texo-Drone, had only been granted a restricted exhibiting space. So, the pressure was on to get creative if they wanted to succeed with their client.

With knowledge of the T3 system, Dan knew exactly how to be ambitious:

“Because they were a drone company, we came up with the idea to suspend one drone from a tower created using T3. We then positioned another, larger drone on top of a circular platform as an impressive centrepiece. By showcasing their offering in this innovative way, we created a big impact in a limited space.”

Telling us why he decided to take the risk of suspending a drone from a modular display, Dan explains:

“We were completely confident in the stability of the T3 modular system. It was an ambitious idea to suspend this heavy piece of technology from our T3 tower, but we knew T3 was strong and sturdy enough to hold it.”

The result? A small stand with a big effect. It may have been a challenge for Dan and his team, but it allowed them to display their client’s products effectively and securely.

Accomplishing More with Tecna UK

Working in an industry infamous for its tight deadlines, Dan praises Tecna UK for understanding the need to get products delivered:

“In our industry, the time to deliver is unmovable and deadlines have to be met, no matter what. If our client needs a display and the time frame is tight, we know we can always count on Tecna UK to help us meet our deadline. All it takes is a quick phone call, and they’ll collaborate with us to ensure the display is delivered to standard and on time.”

Dan continues:

“The Tecna UK team are so easy to work with and they always make sure you get what you ask for. We set our expectations high and they consistently exceed them.”

The Tecna UK team loves ensuring that our partners are achieving more with our help and the design possibilities of the T3 modular system. It is a pleasure to see how Advance Digital Graphics is growing as a company by challenging their creativity and having more freedom with their T3 designs.

We’re excited to see what’s in store for our future with them.

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“The original booth we had, using the T3 system, was great. But with our expansion into the retail market, we wanted more. I spoke to the team at Tecna UK for some help and asked them to tailor the design to match our new requirements. We needed something that would help us target a retail audiesnce and propel our expansion into the retail market.”

Paul Bromley, Kurio Compression

“Tecna UK threw valuable tips and tricks our way. Ones that focussed on the types of unique features we could integrate into our designs to enhance our customers’ displays. Thanks to these valuable insights from Tecna UK, we now know how to incorporate more curved geometry into our designs, and how to push the creative boundaries of what we can achieve with T3.”

Lennard Ewenson, Konica Minolta

“There is a real trend towards one-day events, sector specific, with conference attached. T3 is brilliant for that – install in one-hour”

Joe Ashton, Exhibit Interactive

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