Bespoke Exhibition Stands

We are here to help you transform your presence at your next event with a complete design and build service for a bespoke exhibition stand.

We are here to help you transform your presence at your next event with a complete design and build service for a bespoke exhibition stand.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

We are here to help you transform your presence at your next event with a complete design and build service for a bespoke exhibition stand.

We are here to help you transform your presence at your next event with a complete design and build service for a bespoke exhibition stand.

What is a Bespoke Exhibition Stand?

Bespoke exhibition stands give you the complete flexibility to create a design that works around you and what you want to achieve.

A bespoke exhibition stand is a display that has been manufactured completely custom to meet a brief or fulfil a specific purpose. The majority of traditional custom stands are created using wood, for complete flexibility with display design. Whilst bespoke exhibition stands create a unique, impactful aesthetic, they are only effective for one use, and are often thrown away at the end of a show.

Whilst custom exhibition stands still hold their place in the market, it is only within the past few years that modular systems have begun to transform the exhibition industry.

The popularity of modular systems has slowly introduced the use of hybrid, modular-custom exhibition stands. They play on the reusability of a modular display, but also combine the unique, bespoke components that a custom exhibition stand offers.

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Creating Powerful Exhibition Stands

Here at Tecna UK, we understand the importance of a standout exhibition stand. Whether you are looking to increase brand presence, showcase a new product, or promote your services, we have the flexibility to create you a completely bespoke, exhibition stand build that is within budget, fulfils all your objectives, works to your timescale, by using a modular display solution.

We will take any idea and transform it into a custom exhibition design that is tailored to your exact requirements and will ensure you stand out on the exhibition show floor. We have the expertise to solve any of your exhibition stand problems, ensuring on the day of your event, you can turn up and not have to worry.

We understand that the design capabilities using a modular system can never truly be matched to the ones of a custom display, but we like to believe that with T3, you can be very close! We will be completely transparent with you in the initial stages of your project, ensuring that our product can work around your requirements and give you the result you are hoping for.


Get inspiration for your next event by browsing through some of the exciting exhibition stand projects we have worked on.

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Support

From start to finish, we will tailor each of our services to support you throughout your exhibition stand journey. From design, prebuilds, to delivery and installation, we do everything inhouse under one roof, ensuring every step of your bespoke exhibition project goes to plan. We call it design, build, deliver, and we have a range of services for you to pick from to ensure you get the most out of working with Tecna UK and T3.

Bespoke Exhibition Stand design


Our inhouse designers will take any brief, whether it is a scribble or something more elaborate, and transform it into a fully bespoke design in just 24 hours. From framework to graphics, we will consider every element of your brief to create a truly unique exhibition stand that delivers your vision.


As a full turnkey service provider, we have the skills necessary to manufacture and build your bespoke modular builds internally in our warehouse. Whether you’re looking to create unique shapes or curves, integrate interesting use of lighting or AV screens, or want to try out a new substrate, we have all the facilities and tools to be able to create a range of complex, unique displays that will exceed your expectations.

Bespoke Exhibition Stand build


We are driven to deliver a fully bespoke service to our partners that achieves results. Offering both installation and dismantle services, we will deliver your exhibition stands to any location across the globe and will also dismantle for you after your event. Taking advantage of these services ensures the setup of your displays runs as smoothly as possible, allowing you to focus on other factors that will make your show a success.

Case Studies

Send Us a Scribble

Got an idea? Send the team your vision today, including as little or as many details as you like. And we will create you a fully bespoke exhibition stand that meets both your design and practical requirements.


What is a bespoke exhibition stand?

A bespoke exhibition stand is designed completely custom for specific requirements including size, configuration, graphics, and branding. Bespoke exhibition stands provide complete flexibility as each element incorporated adds to the overall aesthetic of your design. Traditionally, custom exhibition stands are designed using non-sustainable materials such as wood, iron, or glass, and whilst they can look great, they are normally binned after one-use.

How much does a bespoke exhibition stand cost?

The cost of your bespoke exhibition stand will vary per project. Factors that influence the cost of your exhibition displays are things like size, space, materials, graphics, and finishes.

How is a bespoke exhibition stand made?

Traditional custom stands are created using wood and other unsustainable materials, to create completely unique designs and elements that fit the requirements of the client. But here at Tecna UK, we like to think that you can create an exhibition stand with the same custom look and feel, but with a modular exhibition system. We use the T3 system, and with our knowledge and expertise, we know the design opportunities are endless, ensuring we can create you a bespoke exhibition stand that meets all your requirements.

Do you install bespoke exhibition stands?

As part of our exclusive service offerings, we can install your bespoke modular exhibition stands for you, to any site across the globe. We will work closely with your team and event organisers to ensure the logistical planning goes ahead smoothly. Alternatively, using T3 to create bespoke modular displays gives you the flexibility, if you prefer, to build your display all by yourself. Our team are always available if you need a helping hand!

Can I rent a custom exhibition stand?

With Tecna UK, we offer a hire service so have the option to rent your exhibition stand instead of purchasing. We have an extensive product range available in our warehouse, ready to create standout display solutions at your next event.

“The Tecna UK team took all of the stress off our hands. They oversaw the creation of build plans, took care of the project management, provided their expertise during the design phase, and liaised with event organisers for us. They really did make the entire display process as painless as possible.”

Stuart Churchill, Springboard

“T3 has proven itself to be a flexible and robust solution to exhibition stands that enables rapid building, even more rapid dismantling and, most importantly, creative freedom. The exhibition stand looks professional, the light box feature really makes the display pop and the costs saved when compared to a traditional build make it a compelling alternative.”

Stuart Hawker, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited

“The Tecna UK team are so easy to work with and they always make sure you get what you ask for. We always have such high expectations for our exhibition stands.”

Dan Harman, Advance Digital Graphics

“Colleagues at Tecna UK, supported us with our first custom exhibition as AHS. Everything went well and we were delighted with the stand design and graphics etc. It certainly raised AHS’s profile and even identified a couple of leads. We’ve booked an exhibition stand for next year and doubled the size and so hoping that we go from strength to strength”

Nick Jackson, AHS

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