Who is Tecna UK?

Tecna UK is the home of T3. And since starting up back in 2007, we have become leaders in modular event, exhibition, conference, experiential and retail displays. The key to our success? It’s in our approach. We’re all about the people.  


Three magic ingredients

Yes, on the surface we are a modular display specialist but delve a little deeper to discover the driving force behind it: a team of bold, like-minded creatives, driven by collaboration, innovation and a will to exceed expectations. It is through these three magic ingredients, together with the mutual respect we have with our partners, that we have grown into the winning modular display solutionists that we are today.  

Our team

Pete Wand-Tetley Tecna UK Pete Wand-Tetley
Andrew Kennedy Tecna UK Andrew Kennedy
Domenico Calabrese Tecna UK Domenico Calabrese
Mike Vockins
Aimee Boschier Tecna UK Aimee Boschier
James Longley Tecna UK James Longley
Paige Newman
George Green Tecna UK George Green
Alison Brown Tecna UK Alison Brown
Kerry Gomm Tecna UK Kerry Gomm
Simeon Wicks
Brett Francis Tecna UK Brett Francis
Jim Inston
Michael Fraczek
Will Reddy
Adam Coltman

Join the Tecna UK team

Are you a driven creative in search of a challenge? Do you excel at sales? Or perhaps you are a whizz at installing? Fancy joining our growing team? Take a look to see if there’s anything for you. You never know, your dream job could be just around the corner.

No careers are currently available.

A look at what we do

In 2018, we took on Ethan Frain from Farnborough Sixth Form College on a summer work experience project. Ethan was developing his animation and video skills and techniques to support his portfolio, so we asked him to produce an animated video telling the story of Tecna UK, what we do and how we do it.

We hope you enjoy watching it.

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