5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Exhibition Stand

If you’ve got a show coming up soon and are feeling the pressure to create a winning exhibition stand, then look no further than right here because the team at Tecna UK is on hand to help. Here’s our list of five things to consider when designing your exhibition stand.


First up is space. Before drawing up your design, make sure you examine any floor plans for the show to get an understanding of your stand’s positioning and what could be going on around you. Think about both the space within your designated exhibiting area and the space surrounding it.

Once you’ve done that, try and create a design that maximises on the space available to you; remember that less is more, and a spacious stand with an open feel will be a much more inviting option than one that is cluttered and claustrophobic. Even if you’ve only booked a small space-only area or a shell scheme, don’t worry, you can still open up your space by thinking carefully about where you place your counters, and by creating effective and impactful graphics that reduce the need for unwanted accessories.

Also keep your sale process in mind. Evaluate where within your stand space you would like to interact and sell to potential prospects and then assign designated sales points. If you decide to use a counter or reception desk as a central sales point, think about where you position it so that you don’t fall into the trap of creating a barrier between you and the visitor.


2. Visibility

Hand in hand with space is visibility. When you’re attending a trade show filled with hundreds of exhibition stands, try and do something to stand out (excuse the pun) from the rest and reach as many sets of eyes as possible.

You can easily achieve this by using high-level branding, eye-catching graphics with a clear brand message, and by thinking about the direction of visitor foot flow – which is another reason why knowing exactly where you are situated is so important.

Angle your brand logo and message strategically to face the greatest volume of inflowing visitors and remember that the more people that can clearly see your message while walking around, the more people you are going to successfully reach out to.


3. What’s Your Draw?

Even if you’ve thought up a visually-stunning stand with eye-catching graphics, you’re going to be competing against other exhibitors who may well have put just as much effort into their stand design as you. What are you going to do to draw the crowds of visitors to your stand rather than your neighbours?

You could opt to go down the traditional route of handing out freebies, but with this option you are less likely to be able to generate as many high-value leads. Instead, spark people’s curiosity and interest, and incorporate an interactive element into your design.

There’s lots of different ways to do this, including hosting quizzes and contests, or offering interactive gaming, all of which are great for engaging visitors and generating a buzz around your stand. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


4. Don’t Forget the Tech.

Nowadays, people have come to expect all the latest technology at their fingertips. So, why not give it to them? Tend to their expectations and try to come up with a design that adds a touch of technological flair to your display.

There are so many options where technology is concerned: you could use tablet stands, interactive countertops, television screens, or phone-charging sockets for visitors, to name a few.


5. Display & Storage

Whether you’re promoting a product or selling a service, you’ll probably be wanting to bring something tangible along with you to put on display, such as physical products or promotional literature, and you need to think about how your stand is going to accommodate these; you might also want to factor storage space into your stand for the bits you don’t want on display.

Flat-packed shelving, slat walling, counters, literature racks, and display plinths, are just some of the props you could use. Whatever you choose, just remember to leave plenty of room for your visitors!

Keep in mind all these things and you’ll be designing your exhibition stand in no time! Why not send us over your design ideas and we can take your display to the next level?

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