5 Reasons Investing in Premium COVID-19 Products Will Generate a Rewarding ROI

Published by Aimee Boschier | 03/09/2020

Partitions and walling to boost ROI

It’s clear that Coronavirus has deeply impacted the economic environment, from job losses to the halting of business operations, and many of us are having to adapt with the virus still being present. We have seen the decline in sales and businesses shutting for months, but with a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, how can you efficiently enhance your ROI (Return on Investment) in the upcoming months?

By choosing to invest in premium social distancing products, you can return to business, boosting revenue you would otherwise lose out on with limited capacities, limited staff, and limited communication. With our range of offerings, we have all environments covered, ready to support your offices, workplaces, hospitality environments, and more. We have the answer and the solution to give you a head start. Keep reading to find out how using social distancing products will have a positive impact on your business bouncing back!

A Product That Works Around You

Desk dividers in an office environment

Our T3 Modular System will work around your environment and can be created completely bespoke to suit any layout and requirement.

  • Don’t stress about moving desks, tables, chairs, and other bits of furniture, opt for a solution that will work around your exact, current layout and sizing.
  • A solution that is both easy to install and build.
  • Spending less time rearranging = more time to focus on fulfilling company goals and generating revenue.

Maintaining Brand

Branded partition walling

One thing that will ensure the generation of ROI is maintaining your brand. You want to ensure you are investing in a product that complements your business and can be fully customised and tailored to your brand.

  • Customise your products with the addition of logos, images, colours, and sizing.
  • Avoid causing confusion with your customer base – failure to keep consistent with your branding will result in people questioning your brand’s trustworthiness, and therefore a decline in customer loyalty and sales.
  • Investing more in your social distancing products and keeping consistent with your brand, even for temporary solutions, will put you ahead of your competitors.

Increased Number in Spaces

Infographic showing the importance of walling to increase capacity

By choosing products that will work and fit around your exact space, you are able to maximise your capacity, without having to compromise!

  • Implementing dividers, partitions, and screens to reduce risk without having to maintain distance.
  • E.g. by implementing T3 walling in a restaurant, you can increase the capacity to up by 50% by having the option to sit tables closer together whilst maintaining protection.

Consumer & Employee Confidence

Thermal camera on entrance of shop

It’s evident that consumer behaviours have changed over the course of the pandemic, mainly reflected in the rise in online sales (an increase of over 30% for online grocery shopping (1)).

  • With the reopening of hospitality sectors across the UK, guaranteeing customer and employee peace of mind is an absolute must.
  • Customers are more likely to browse and therefore spend, in places they feel comfortable and safe in.
  • Installing measures like queuing systems, walling, and protection screens = boost consumer confidence and confirm sales.
  • Do not forget your staff. Create an environment that will also ensure they feel comfortable when working.

Ability to Adapt Quickly

Signage directing to washing hands before entering

A business that is pro-active and adapts quickly is always at a competitive advantage.

  • Over 80% of businesses “had already taken some form of action to support employees” (2) when Coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic on 11 March.
  • Do not become part of the percentage that is behind. With areas reopening, make sure you are prepared in supporting both your employees and your customers.
  • Present yourself as a business that can adapt in a changing climate by implementing premium social distancing solutions. As a result, customers are more likely to trust and invest in your business, boosting your profits.


These are just some of the ways proving the importance of investing in premium social distancing products to improve the generation of profit (or ROI). As always, we are here to help and offer professional advice on social distancing solutions.

Still not convinced regarding a capital outlay? Our rental options are the solution, get in touch for more.

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