Tecna UK’s Simeon Wicks Completes 600-Mile Captain’s for Charity

Tecna UK’s Managing Director, Simeon Wicks, has just completed a six-hundred-mile cycling tour for this year’s Captain’s Ride to raise money for charity. The gruelling challenge took place in Australia and spanned six days

“When I was approached to take on the Captain’s Ride my immediate answer was yes – it was instinctive. I’m always looking for a challenge, especially when it involves pushing myself, my mental and physical strength, to the absolute limits,” says Simeon. 

What is the Captain’s Ride?

The Captain’s Ride is an annual fundraising event powered by The Steve Waugh Foundation, a charity founded by Australian cricketer, Steve Waugh. The charity works to help the 400,000 Australian children and young adults affected by rare diseases and describes the Captain’s Ride as “the highlight of the Steve Waugh Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign.”  

The Ups and Downs of Mountain Stretches

Reflecting on his time in Australia, Simeon recounts the experience of riding through the mountains, and the ups and downs – quite literally – that came with it.

“There were times on the strenuous upward gradients when I could seriously feel my energy faltering, but I kept pushing through and thinking about the end goal. In those moments, I just kept in mind that all of the strain I was experiencing was insignificant compared to what the kids who’d be getting the funds were facing.   

Inspiring and Unforgettable: A Ride to Remember 

But what stood out most in Simeon’s eyes, was the communal spirit that permeated the entire cycling troop, a quality that, alongside “strength of character”, was at the heart of the event.

“The Captain’s Ride really sets itself apart from other rides I’ve done. Of course, there was still that competitive atmosphere, but there was also a real focus on collaboration, good sportsmanship and positivity. Everyone was working together and supporting each other, willing each other on – it was really inspiring and something I’ll never forget.”