About Tecna UK

Tecna UK supply the T3 System which is the world’s most innovative and versatile modular display system, creating stunning displays for a wide variety of environments.

Tecna UK use T3, a completely reconfigurable display system that is adaptable to all environments and requires no tools to build, using our simple, patented ‘twist & lock’ action.

Tecna UK aim to produce creative and stunning looking displays which will really make our clients stand out from the competition.  Being design led, we listen carefully to our clients and take their vision on board . Our skilled team can transform any scribbled idea/design and turn it into a presentation ready CAD visual and quote for clients within 24 hours. Coupled with our knowledge to provide consultation, budget costs, designs for a variety of projects and installation to full turnkey solutions, our aim is to make things as easy as possible for you at every stage.

T3’s unique versatility allows Tecna UK to help you produce creative and stunning solutions for all your display requirements whether for: small or large exhibition stands, point of sale, conference sets, retail solution, hanging banners, light boxes/walls and much more.

Ease of Transport

T3 ease of transport

T3 build

T3 framework

Tecna UK can produce creative and stunning solutions for a variety of display environments using the uniquely versatile T3 modular display system.

T3 Benefits

  • T3 Modular Display System is UK Designed & Manufactured

    All T3 quotes and drawings guaranteed within 24 hours, any standard beam can be dispatched within 24 hours.

  • Maximise Budget, Reduce Labour and Shipping Costs

    No need for skilled labour, structures can be built in minutes not hours.

    No other system similar can be built/dismantled quicker. Found a system which you think is quicker? please put us to the test….

  • No Tools Required

    T3 modular display system uses a simple ‘twist & lock’ action – no locks to fail, no beams to line up or levers to push.

  • Re-configurable

    A single T3 structure can be re-configured and re-used to suit any floor space. All our beams can be used in the vertical and horizontal configurations giving maximum versatility.

T3 buil

T3 Build
T3 build

Classic Profile

The original profile – Classic is a 33x33mm aluminium beam with a 0.75mm recess to all four sides. The beam can be used with steel or Velcro for the attachment of rigid or flexible substrates.

T3 Channel Profile

Channel Profile

Channel is a 33x33mm aluminium beam with a 23mm channel to all four sides. The beam can be used with a wide range of components for the attachment of all types of substrates and accessories.

Fusion Profile

Fusion is a profile that combines both classic and channel. Two sides are classic and two sides are channel. Overall the profile remains 33x33mm. The channels can be used with various inserts for the attachment of all types of substrates, panels and shelves.